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Hydrowatch_logo.pngWe saw an opportunity to help save companies money through better monitoring and managing of their water use both into the ground and out.  From this, we used industrial automation to design HydroWatch.

HydroWatch is a proven water management technology system that allows for quick deployment of critical water tracking hardware with integration into real-time management software. It utilizes existing field hardware such as flow meters, level sensors, and other monitoring equipment permits for integration into existing infrastructures. The system visualizes processes, analyzes system data, automates functionality, and distributes real-time data to decision makers, operators, and supervisors. Hydrowatch is either utilized using a rental skid in which TekSolv services, or by designing and building a custom application to fit your needs.


  • Extraction control
  • Impoundment monitoring
  • Frost control
  • Report generation
  • Security camera integration
  • Truck transaction data
  • Monitoring of:
    • Tank and pond levels
    • Flow volumes and rates
    • Water and fluid temperatures
    • Pressures
    • pH
    • Conductivity
    • Weather conditions
    • Water salinity
    • Total dissolved solids
    • Resistivity and density
    • Dissolved oxygen
    • Oxidation reduction potential


HydroWatch is configurable for a myriad of water transfer applications and has the ability to integrate into SCADA systems. It also has customizable onboard and wireless I/O configurations.

24/7 Monitoring

HydroWatch provides 24/7 management of your water systems, and 24/7 customer support if you have any questions about your system. It comes with a local operator interface to communicate between work sites about water network conditions. The system also provides satellite communications to monitor your water networks.


  • Solar powered, self-contained, portable remote terminal unit
  • Deployable in any rugged and hard field environment
  • Local operator interface to communicate site and water network conditions
  • Configurable for a myriad of water transfer applications
  • Ability to integrate into SCADA systems
  • Wireless I/O network integration
  • Quick set up/satellite communications
  • Multiple tank support


  • Above ground tank monitoring
  • Water transfer monitoring
  • Pipeline pressure/flow monitoring
  • Leak detectors
  • Site weather monitoring
  • Extraction capabilities
  • Impoundment monitoring
  • Custom specifications are also available, including customized PLC I/O configurations