Gas Detection Software

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Setting the Standard for Continuous Real-Time Monitoring of Fugitive Gas Emissions

TekNet is our connected intelligent gas-detection safety sensor system that protects people, products and the environment. This software platform communicates with both users and managers to process data and life safety system information. TekNet provides crucial data to help mitigate risks, minimize management costs and enhance long-term operational efficiency. It allows for complete systems monitoring of fugitive gas emissions all through a single software platform.

Gain information on:

Daily site updates, including reports of sensor readings taken at configurable intervals.
Event and alert notifications.
Real-time site updates that provide the status of work being performed by TekSolv personnel. 
Details on equipment status (communications, sensors, panel hardware, and software).

TekNet Detectable Gases:

These gases are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by TekSolv IT professionals. Our professionals also provide calibration compliance reporting, complete alarm management, and detect gas sensor filter changes.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) teknet.jpg
Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Oxygen (O2)
Ammonia (NH3)
Chlorine (CL2)
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Other site specific gases.

How TekNet Can Benefit You:

  • Reduction in labor costs and risks.
  • Ensured environmental safety and compliance.
  • Real-time on-site process visualization.
  • Ability to analyze stored system data through secure servers.
  • Automated processes and satellite communications.
  • Customized software interface that is Internet accessible and designed for internal and customer use, allowing for data interpretation and remote troubleshooting.
  • Distribution of real-time data to decision makers, operators and supervisors via web pages and/or custom server applications through emails. Text message notification also available.
  • Available option of TekSolv personnel to conduct an in-person check-in of gas detection site.
  • Mobile system designed for quick deployment in any phase of operation.
  • On site local alarms for gas emissions.

teknet info

Above: TekNet interface showing multiple gas detection units.

24/7 Monitoring

Our Teknet intelligent gas-detection system offers 24/7 availability and mobile-friendly software. The system and alerts for site-specific gas-detection are customizable. With our intelligent system, you can receive real-time notifications of site conditions through email, website and text alerts to receive real-time alerting of events and alarms. In addition, this interface feature of TekNet will:

Notify personnel of abnormal situations
Provide record of alarms and events
Manage battery and trailer connection to server
Allow for prioritization of alarms and events
Provide sensor calibration data
Alert the customer when a sensor is being calibrated so they know it is not a gas detection
Allow management to:
Be aware of issues and processes
Send a technician to address issues and maintain reliability
Be aware of technicians onsite/offsite and the duration of their site visits
Know when the emergency alarm button has been pressed
Be aware of when technicians are performing site calibrations
Know when onsite alarms are disabled

“Once we saw the TekNet system, we recognized the potential of tying into it to give our customers the ability to view and access their drilling data on all their workstations across all locations. And by integrating with TekNet, we are also achieving the high quality, reliable sensing we need. Any drilling location that could potentially encounter H2S must have good monitoring equipment. H2S is one the most toxic substances known and a serious problem on drilling rigs. It is a naturally occurring byproduct of oil and gas creation underground. It always has potential to be there to one degree or another. This advanced technology has enhanced early detection system capabilities for protecting workers in the field. It alarms in milliseconds at H2S levels as low as 10 ppm and gets the right people looking at the situation fast.” - Eastern Regional Manager at Pason