Drug Testing Solutions

Did you know that TekSolv offers drug  screening services?

50% of workplace accidents and 40% of employee theft is caused by drug abuse, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Through our Occupational Health Department, we have the ability to drug screen your potential employees securely and quickly with eCup+ and eReader+. Get qualified candidates to work faster with virtually no wait time at our clinic and verified test results within minutes! This will not only simplify your pre-employment drug testing process but will promote a drug free work environment as well.

The Perfect Pre-Employment Testing Solution 

  • Reliable. The digitally screened 10-panel rapid test removes inconsistencies of manual interpretation.

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  • Automated. An electronic chain of custody form sheds the reliance of burdensome paper.
  • Fast. Negative results are delivered to your desktop in minutes. 
  • Powerful. The application gives you access to real-time event status and result reporting. 
  • Flexible. eCup+ was created as the "best-in-class" pre-employment solution for employers of all sizes. 
  • Proven. Several of the largest employers in the world use this service - now you can too. 
  • Expedited. Make faster hiring decisions about the top candidates you want to hire before your competition. 


Our eScreen+ services are available at our Delaware location!

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130 Executive Dr., Suite 5 Newark, DE 19702


For more information, please contact our Occupational Health Technician, Stevi Baunchalk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..