Safety Consulting

Since 1999, TekSolv’s Team of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Professionals have developed a wide array of services with specialties in a variety of industries. Our team of seasoned professionals, with over a 100 years of combined EHS expertise, work hard developing and delivering high-quality services to meet each client’s unique needs.

TekSolv provides a unique approach to improving compliace by identifying areas for improvement, providing real world solutions to best prepare our clients when they are on the work site. Then we work hand in hand with the client to implement recommendations or improvements to keep their work site safe and accident-free.

 Our EHS consultants have accredited degrees and certifications (CSP, CIH, CHMM,) in their fields with over a hundred years of combined industrial and construction experience. Their combined experience allows us to assist you in a wide variety of industries.

Our consultants have worked in fields such as:

Every TekSolv professional understands the challenges of implementing an environmental, health and safety culture, and we aim to provide real world solutions and recommendations. We are able to provide real world services for your needs.

We are proud to offer highly professional and cost effective services that contribute to our success, but also to your success when choosing our EHS services. We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach. We understand that your organization and your needs are unique, and we offer customizable solutions for your work site and individual EHS needs.

TekSolv EHS services include:


The vast majority of our EHS Professionals’ experience was acquired through a number of years working at the facility level. We feel the experience of working in a manufacturing, industrial and construction environment and actually implementing and maintaining regulatory compliance has provided the EHS Professionals with the ability to assess a facility’s compliance with the applicable OSHA regulations and to provide practical recommendations. Some of the audits and assessments that can be performed include:

  • OSHA Compliance
  • Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Readiness
  • Safety Management System
  • Targeted
    • Fall Protection Equipment
    • Emergency Equipment (emergency eyewash/showers, AED, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • Confined Space Assessments
  • Fall Protection Assessments
  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessments
  • Environmental Consulting

Procedure and Program:

Our EHS Professionals can perform a review, update or development of the programs and procedures required under the OSHA 29 CFR 1910/1926 regulations. We understand how programs and procedures should be streamlined, incorporated into daily activities, made user-friendly and most of all practical. Some of these topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • OSHA Compliance Programs
  • Lockout/Tagout Machine Specific and Alternative Procedures
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safe Work Plans
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
    • Program Development
    • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Initial and 5-year Update
    • Three Year Compliance Update
  • Incident Investigation
  • Company Specific Safety Manual
  • Annual Program Review, Updates, and Management 

Industrial Hygiene

Our Industrial Hygiene experts are able to work in a wide-range of environments and industries and provide you with a wide variety of professional services related to Industrial Hygiene. Our consultants can assist you with IH Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis, program development, implementation of your industrial hygiene plan and comprehensive training for you and your team to ensure that all processes are handled safely and expertly. We can also provide you with the following services:

Air quality monitoring

Teksolv provides expert Industrial Hygiene monitoring for a variety of potentially dangerous or toxic compounds. Don’t wait until a complaint or an accident to start monitoring your air quality. Call TekSolv today to begin monitoring:

  • Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI)
  • Dust (Total and Respirable)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Welding Fume
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Lead
  • Silica
Noise Sampling

Noise, or unwanted sound, is one of the most common occupational hazards in American workplaces. Have one of our EHS Professionals conduct Dosimeter and/or Sound Pressure Level sampling to
determine your compliance with the applicable OSHA regulation, assist with providing recommendations and help with changes in your policies.

Ventilation Hood Testing

TekSolv consultants can provide your worksite with a quality and thorough inspection of all of your ventilation or fume hoods. All testing is in complete compliance with regulations and standards set by OSHA and manufacturers. Contact us for more information on our Ventilation Hood Testing practices.

Loss Control Services:

TekSolv is proud to partner with local insurance professionals to provide loss control and risk management services to a broad array of clients. We have been involved with the Captive Insurance Programs for over the past ten (10) years assisting members with their risk reduction initiatives.

  • Captive Insurance Member Loss Control Services
  • Risk Control Assessments with dynamic action plan for loss reduction
  • Loss run analysis with implementation of creative loss control measures
  • Update safety manual to ensure compliance with insurance requirements and OSHA regulations

EHS Professional Staffing:

  • Manufacturing Site Temporary EHS Professional (Full or Part Time)

 For more information on our Safety Consulting options, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"In 2013, I joined TekSolv as an Environmental Health and Safety Professional. Since then, I have had the opportunity to provide safety consulting, employee training, and auditing services to many unique clients in a variety of industries. I have found the diverse career experiences I have gained while with TekSolv to be extremely valuable in providing clients with practical safety solutions that fit their individual needs. Personally, I find my role in helping clients establish safety programs and cultures that protect the safety, health, and well-being of their employees to be very rewarding." - EHS Professional